Plan A

CoolFM Recommends......(Your Business name here) Brand Awareness Campaign!  

1) 2-minute video feature with Todd Ryen and a guaranteed 1.5 thousand views or more.

2) Featured on our website for the duration of business together

3)  A 15-second radio commercial with at least 3 mentions a day on CoolFM

4) One customer testimonial video with guaranteed 1.5 thousand views

 5) Sponsorship of local and area event coverage with A :15 second mention in front and back of all event videos of at least 2 events a month.

6) Promotional Giveaway which you provide the prize and we hype and promote during the month!(Highlighting your business in a unique way)

Total Cost $500

The cost decreases by $50 for each one you do not want for a given month!

Plan B

CoolFM Promotional Event Campaign 

1) One 2 minute video feature talking about your upcoming event (Guaranteed 1.5 thousand views)

 2) Event info featured on our Website and Social media

3) The event promoted with a 25-second spot on CoolFM Online radio

 4) Day of event coverage with a 2-minute interview with Todd Ryen at least a half hour to an hour before the event begins.

Cooly Blue our popular Mascot available for pics and to drum up traffic day of the event( Added $50 charge For 90 MIN $25.00 Each additional Hr )
Total Cost: $250 (Minus Cooly Blue)

​​Cooly Blue Available for events for your organization or business For $30.00 per Hr    

Let us know if this works for you and we will get rolling and plan with you!

Todd Ryen