Let’s talk and come up with a social media game plan that is most effective for you and your target! Our posts get over 250,000 interactions each month and reach over 500,000 people according to Facebook statistics.. We have mostly a 60/40% Female following predominantly in the 25-54 Age group. We are simply the most active talked about platform in the area!

We have a total of 25,000 followers between all our online platforms CoolFMonline Facebook, Instagram and Our Sister Page “Sierra Vista Scoop” which we also post your videos on as well.

Each produced Video or Live feature we do for you we then upload to our YouTube Channel and our Website front page as our featured business of the month! We get about 1,500 views a month on our website and this traffic is growing each month as well.

Let’s get to work on growing your business today!

Owner/Boss: Todd Ryen – (520) 510-3900 [email protected]

Check Out Our Advertising Options


$400- Own A Customized Story Length Feature Video with Graphics about your Business(You can then also post on your own website as a nice introductory story about your business)
You get a fully produced video about your business to your liking with an average length of 3 to 4 minutes. Once approved by you we then air it on our social media platforms plus other chat sites across South East AZ for a potential reach of 75,000 adults.

You also get at least 100/30-second audio radio spots to air on our on-line radio station for one month.

After the initial airing the first month we will also then re-post the video each following month for up to a year at just $150 once a month if you so desire.(Price only good if you sign on for One-Year)

You also receive at least 60 bonus radio spots during each month after the initial month airing with this price as well. Our music App currently has 6,500 unique listeners each month and growing.

With this price you also own the rights to the video.


$250- You get all of the above mentioned in the “Way Cool Option” but you don’t own the video for your website or personal use! The only difference between these two packages is you don’t have the rights to the video. The basic difference in package A and B is that you own the video and can post it yourself or use on your website with option A but not this option.


$120- We do a Live Stream on location interview with you about your sale/promotion or business! The feature would go as long as we need to go with no time limit. We then release the live video once completed across our social media platform and the top local chat sites in the area as well! We guarantee a minimum of 2,500 views with a potential reach of at least 75,000 people or more.


$50- We make a promotional non-video post about your business plus share it across other social media platforms in our network!
You also get 30-:30 second radio spots to play in a month period during the daytime on our Music App.

“Pet of the Week” Sponsorship

$250 – You get a shoutout and billboard at the beginning and end of the pet video. We guarantee 1,500 views or more on average in a month.

We will also do a two-minute informational video on your business for our Social media pages. Plus you also get 60-:15-second radio commercials on for the entire month with our Pet of the Week Sponsorship!

Political Candidates

If you are a political candidate we can do an interview feature with you for a straight $150 and share with many local platforms that will post it as well. We can also work with you to produce radio or television commercials for a negotiated price that works for both of us.

A Few Samples

Candy World! In The Sierra Vista Mall

143 Street Tacos

Cool Dreams Window Tinting Security Film Demo

The Country House Restaurant in Sierra Vista