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Forgotten Hits of Yesterday

NOON TO 3PM MST MONDAY-FRIDAY WELCOMES”DONOVAN” TO OUR ONLINE MUSIC APP PLATFORM NOW FROM NOON TO 3PM MONDAY-FRIDAY! With the “Forgotten Hits of Yesterday” a type of radio Show he has wanted to do for a long time!

Donovan was a 1988 Graduate of Buena Vista High School in Sierra Vista AZ and later went on to work at KRQ Radio in Tucson from 1997 to 2005 and then spent 15 years on K101 in Sierra Vista from 2005 till recently leaving in August of 2020!

We are so happy to now have him apart of the CoolFM family doing what he loves best with no strings or boundaries!

What’s your Playlist?

If Donovan chooses your Playlist the whole hour will be yours.
8 to 10 songs that have been a big part of your life.
Tell us who you are and why these song’s are important to you.
If you win the hour it will be named your hour with your name and your music.
Send your list ! Just use the link below


George Broxton

DJ GB Hand Picked

Saturdays and Sundays on the 8s at 8am and 8pm MST

Join DJ GB for the 80’s on the 8’s Every Weekend! That’s an hour of handpicked 80’s with George Broxton at 8 AM and 8 PM Saturday and Sundays! Also Contact him for all your DJ service needs for Weddings,Anniversaries, Birthdays and Special Occasions!


Saturday Mornings from 6 to 8am MST

Ed has been on the radio, in one way or another for over 50 years. His dad did a simular program and when he passed away, his fans kept asking Ed if he would carry on a program like his. Ed’s dad got him started in radio at an early age. By 12 years old, he was the world’s youngest F.C.C. 3rd class licenced radio announcer!

He graduated early from high school in California so he could work fulltime. And since that time has been on the radio.
Growing up in the world of Country music and Gospel music he met so many of the legendary stars. He has countless interviews that he uses on his show from over the years.

He has done a lot of voice work, professional speaking, and ministry work as a former Pastor with over 30 years of experience as a singer, and producer. For the last 23 years he has taught radio and voice at a High School Skills center.

Ed Dailey

Rich Appel



THAT THING with Rich Appel is the only classic hits radio show that brings back the sound – not just the songs!

If you loved the era of fast-paced top 40 radio – where DJs talked up to the vocals, the jingles stood out, and the commercials were almost as good as the hits – you’re sure to like THAT THING with Rich Appel.

THAT THING is a three-hour celebration of that radio every weekend, highlighting those jingles, commercials and all the hits, with features such as “The Slow Dance Make-Out Song of the Week” and “The World’s Shortest Countdown,” plus hits carefully chosen to match each weekend’s birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other events.

Timeless Traxx with Tyrone Dubose

Sunday Mornings at 9am MST

Timeless Traxx is a one hour weekly countdown of the top R and B songs in America over the last 6 decades according to Billboard Magazines R and B Singles Chart. What makes the show unique is that Tyrone tells the date the song enters the chart, along with some history about the artist. The show takes you back to songs that are some of the biggest in music history, one hit wonders and others that are long forgotten.

Tyrone Dubose

DeLane Hayes

Hayes Hard Drive

Sunday Mornings at 10am and Friday Mornings from 6-8am MST

A Variety Music Show featuring Interviews with past music stars and up and coming artists of today!

Music Expert Retro Countdown


Join Jeff Michaels every weekend as he counts down the 40 biggest hits from a week in time. Typically picking years between 1965 and 1989, the show will venture before and after those years on occasion. Within these shows, we have special features like the B-Side Spotlight, The Extended Flashback which goes back an additional 10 years and we will check out what’s at the top of the other major charts. AND, on occasion we do specials, such as the top 100 of a specific year or a special topic.

Jeff Michaels

Donald Lowery aka BIG D

The Top 500 Songs of All-Time

Saturday and Sundays (repeat) at 6 pm MST

The Top 500 Songs of All-Time as compiled by Rolling Stone Magazine! Each week we Countdown from 500 till we get to #1. The show airs for an hour every Saturday at 6pm MST with a repeat Sundays at 6pm.